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There’s that video going around ( that talks about how happiness can be measured by the amount of gratitude we each exhibit in our lives. Well, at this close of summer, I am feeling pretty darn grateful and subsequently, very happy. 

We have been so blessed to see many of our dear friends get married this summer, have traveled all over the world, spent quality time with our families and truly enjoyed each moment together. Not to say we all don’t have our dark moments, but taking a look at my life and reflecting on all of our blessings… I am truly a blessed man.

Praying you all experience a moment of gratitude that leads you to happiness this day and always.

Thank You from Kenya!


Some of our friends from Kenya have a lil something to say! Videos courtesy of KT member Matt! 







More Stories of Thanks from Ghetto Light Youth

Additional proof of the good work being done as a result of the generosity of my many friends, family and co-workers who have contributed to past and present Kenya outreach trips.  Due to the surplus of funds the team has raised in the past few years, we were able to purchase shoes and socks for over 500 children in the Kibera slum.  SUCH GOOD NEWS!

Ever wonder where your contributions go?  This video shows you exactly where money that you’ve contributed towards my trips to Kenya has gone.  SO AMAZING.  Cannot wait to see all of these faces in one week!  So blessed.  Bwana asifiwe!

One year ago today, this happened.  Best decision I’ve ever made.  I love you, PTC.

3 months until we return to this place that has captured my heart.

How could you not love faces like these???


Created by filmmaker Devin Graham @devinsupertramp 

Viral hitmaker and certified globetrotter +Devin Graham teams up with+Ven TribeTV to get an insider’s look at growing up in Kenya.

Countdown to KT12 -> 3 months!!
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Milan & Paula's "Kenyan Wedding" from Milan Cronovich on Vimeo.

Our “Kenyan Wedding”, August 2011

The past year and a half has been somewhat of a whirlwind for me, albeit a BRILLIANT whirlwind.  During the summer of 2010, I became very close friends with a young woman named Paula Thorrington.  Paula was on the outreach team that I co-led (with our awesome friend Kirsten) to Nairobi, Kenya to work with children and adults living in the Kibera Slum.  This is a trip that I had taken twice before through my church Ecclesia Hollywood, establishing a lifelong love and commitment to Kenya and its people.  (Check out the work we do at

Paula and I very quickly became best friends on the trip, then very quickly fell deeply in love a few months following the trip.  After a 5-week and 1-day courtship, we were engaged on December 17, 2010!  Again, the word “quick” comes to mind!  :)  While this sounded crazy to some, we knew unequivocally that we were “IT” for one another.  No need to look any further, God had provided us “THE ONE”!  To confirm this, our very discerning friends and family (after initial shock) threw their love and support behind us and were quickly (there’s that word again) swept up into our romance.

A short 6 months later, we were married on June 25, 2011.  A day to go down in the books!  We had a wonderfully sweet and celebratory ceremony, then a dance party to end all dance parties for our reception.  It was AWESOME (to use the word of so many of our guests).

This video represents some highlights from our very special day.  A huge thanks to all who came out to witness the celebration of our love and commitment to “declare each other perfect” each day for the rest of our lives.  (Thank you, Well Spun Weddings, for the awesome video and for capturing all the special moments of our day!)

Almost 7 months married now, we’re enjoying each day and are so grateful to spend every moment together.  Nakupenda sana, bibi yangu.

Ecclesia Kenya Team: Donate Sports/Games Equipment via Amazon!

We’re almost ready to leave for Kenya and we still need to raise enough funds to buy all of the necessary sports equipment for our camps.  Will you please take a look and help us out???


Hi Friends,

Looking for an easy way to donate something tangible to the KT11 team and our Kenyan friends? Check out our Amazon Wish List of Sports and Games equipment. Have an Amazon gift card or a couple extra bucks to burn? We’ve created a list of items we’ll be taking with us to use during…

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